Cello Lessons

Children ages 8+ are welcome to begin or continue cello lessons.

Private cello lessons for adults, from beginner to advanced. 

Students of similar age and skill level harmonize together monthly.

Embracing Technology to Learn Music

Every lesson is video recorded for student reference to support practice sessions at home,  between lessons.  These recordings can be extremely valuable for beginning students to visually and audibly reinforce foundational skills from tuning,  to bow hold,  performance posture, and technique.   Advanced students can refer back to lesson recordings to review instructor tips and reminders that can be helpful when preparing for recital, competition, or audition performances.

Student Recitals Held Twice a Year

All students from beginning through advanced will be encouraged to participate in studio recitals twice a year to showcase their musical growth, and gain performance experience playing in front of a small, supportive audience.  As students progress, they will also be encouraged to participate in group lessons, playing an individual part to harmonize with others and create chamber music.