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Group Lessons – Attila Szasz Cello Studio
Group Lessons

Chamber Group Cello Lessons

As students progress, they will also be encouraged to participate in group lessons to play with 3-5 other students of a similar skill level. The group will meet once a month to work together as an ensemble to harmonize with one another and play chamber music.

Group Lessons

Students who participate in Chamber Group ensembles will have the unique experience to work with other cello students at a similar performance level to create beautiful and complex harmonies they would never be able to create in solo performance. Students will learn how to take direction as a group, and how to work as a team to make beautiful music together.

All ensembles will be encouraged as a group (but not required) to participate in studio recitals twice a year to showcase their musical growth and gain performance experience playing in front of a small, supportive audience. Ensembles will also be encouraged (but not required) to perform as a group within the community to gain additional performance experience as opportunities arise throughout the year.

Currently, there are 2 ensembles meeting once a month for a one-hour rehearsal with Mr. Szasz:

  • Youth Level 3 Ensemble – Last Tuesday of the month from 6-7pm
  • Adults Level 2 Ensemble – Last Thursday of the month from 7-8pm

Chamber Music Signup Request

If you are interested in joining an ensemble and are not currently taking lessons privately with Mr. Szasz, please fill out the form below.