Adult Lessons

Whether you’ve always secretly dreamed of learning the cello, or you played it years ago, and want to pick up where you left off, Attila Szasz Cello Studio will offer you a welcoming and supportive space to continue your cello education and help you meet your musical goals, whatever they may be.

All adult students from beginning through advanced will be encouraged (but not required) to participate in studio recitals twice a year to showcase their musical growth and gain performance experience playing in front of a small, supportive audience. As adult students progress, they will also be encouraged to participate in group lessons, playing an individual part to harmonize with others and create chamber music.

Studio Pricing

Monthly Flat Rate: 

30- Minute Weekly Lessons – $125

60-Minute Weekly Lessons – $250


Individual Lessons / Lessons Package Payments:

30-Minute 1 Lesson/ Month – $40

30-Minute 2 Lessons/ Month – $75

30-Minute 3 Lessons/Month – $105

60-Minute 1 Lesson/Month – $75

60-Minute 2 Leessons/Month – $150

60-Minute 3 Lessons/Month – $210

Student Cello Rental $30/Month

 Many students are hesitant to consider cello lessons because they don’t want to purchase a cello first, or find typical cello rental options are too expensive when added to monthly lesson fees.  Attila Szasz Cello Studio rents cellos of all sizes to students for the special price of $30/month.  Each rental comes with a cello case, bow to fit student size, and rosin.  All rentals are based on availability and cannot always be guaranteed to be in stock.